The John Dunning Internet Communications Award

This award is presented annually to the District A4 Lions Club that demonstrates the most effective communications through a Club Web Presentation. A Web Presentation can be visually spectacular but it is of no value, if the communication content is poor. While a balance of pleasing visual display and good informative material is desired, the criteria for this award, is heavily weighed towards information content rather than graphical presentation.

To qualify for this award, your Club Web Presentation must be listed with the
District A4 Web Master, prior to March 1st of the award year.

Points will be awarded OR deducted as follows

Required web presentation elements, identifying a Lions Club in District A4
Official Club Name – 1 point
District Affiliation (District A4)- 1 point
Region and Zone Affiliation- 1 point
Charter Date and Sponsoring Club- 1 point
Official Lions Club Logo- 1 point

Maximum of 5 points

Required information needed to contact a Lions Club
Official Club mailing address or email address
Club Meeting Times and Locations – 1 point
Current Club President – 1 point
Current Club Secretary – 1 point
Current Club Web Master – 1 point

Maximum of 5 points

A point will be deducted for each item that is not current at the time the Web Presentation is evaluated for this award.

Required links to other Lion web presentations
Lions Clubs International- 1 point
Lions Clubs International Foundation- 1 point
Lion Net- 1 point
District A4 Web Presentation- 1 point
Multiple District “A”- 1 point

Maximum of 5 points

A point will be deducted for each link that is not working at the time the Web Presentation is evaluated for this award.

The criteria identified above represents the minimum essential content. Most likely, Clubs just establishing a presence on the Internet will not have much more than the above. However, to make the Internet a truly effective communications tool, Clubs need to consider providing more information to their immediate community and to other Lions. The following criteria reflect that consideration.

Lions In Action
Announcements of community events, fundraising activities and service projects, identifying dates, times and locations. – 5 points

Follow-up information. Letting the public understand the results of your community event, fundraising activity or service project. – 5 points

Announcements of Lions events that would be of interest to the Lions family community. – 5 points

Maximum of 15 points

Additional Club Information
List of current Club Officers – 3 points

Your Club Roster – 2 points

History of your Club – 2 points

Your Club Bulletin – 5 points

Your Club link on a local Community Web Presentation(s) – 3 points

Maximum of 15 points

Style and Presentation
The Web Presentation is easily navigated- 5 points

The Web Presentation is easily read-5 points

Colours, graphics, music contribute to the overall effectiveness and appeal of the Club Web Presentation. 1 to 5 points

Maximum of 15 points