Sam Maddin – Best Treasurer Award

In order to be selected as a 100% Club Treasurer the applicant shall have fulfilled all of the following criteria:

1. The Treasurer shall have attended a District A4 Club Officers School or any Lions Leadership Forum or Seminar.

2. Have presented monthly Financial Reports to the Board of Directors and quarterly Reports to the General Membership.

3. Ensured that all International, Multiple District “A” and District A4 dues have been paid by the members within 90 days after been invoiced.

4. Complied with the Club By-Laws pertaining to the audit of Club financial ledgers and records.

A. The awarding of the certificate will be upon the judgments of the Zone Chair and the District A4 Governor

B. The application shall be submitted no later than 60 days after the District A4 Convention.

C. The application shall be submitted to the Zone Chair to be signed off and sent to the District Governor. The certificates will be presented during the next Governor term of office during visite or other suitable events.


Application Form is here.