Transplant Assistance

Good Day A4 Lions Clubs,

Welcome to the 2016-17 Lions year under DG Lion Sue Wilkes. I have been appointed the A4 Chair for the Be A Donor Committee. I will be working closely with Trillium Gift of Life (TGLN), our MDA Chair, and the 8 other District Chairs. This committee will now consist of 2 parts-Be A Donor and Transplant Assistance.

The new portion of the committee is Transplant Assistance. This is an A4 initiative completely separate from Trillium Gift of Life Network. TGLN is an Ontario based nonprofit organization and thusly we do not collect or distribute funds under their name or in association with TGLN. Transplant Assistance consists of the collection and distribution of funds to people within A4 who are waiting for, have recently received a tissue or organ donation, or are undergoing testing to be a live donor. Guidelines for dispersing the funds have been written and follow this letter.

I am requesting funding from all Clubs so that it can be distributed as recipients approach us. I am suggesting $100 per Club but in all honesty, any amount your Club wishes to donate is appreciated. As you will see from the guidelines, it is requested that potential funding recipients are brought forward to the Committee through a recommendation by their local Lions Club. Should they come directly to the Chair, they will be put in touch with their local Club as well.
Funding can only be dispersed as long as Clubs are sending donations to the Committee/District. While some costs incurred by those awaiting tissue/organ donation are covered through the provincial government and/or private health plans, not all are. Temporary accommodations due to relocation, hospital parking, gas, and child care are just a few things our funds can help with. Wages can be lost due to the severity of the illness being dealt with. We will also ensure they have information regarding additional funding that their home province may offer.

Please consider a donation to Transplant Assistance. Cheques can be made payable to District A4 with the subject line “Transplant Assistance”.

Lion Kim Sheldrick
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