Hosting Requirements

B.A.I.T. Lions Club Hosting Requirements

BAIT (Blind Anglers International Tournament) is an organization on it's own and is sponsored by LIONS

ALL THAT IS REQUIRED IS 3 PEOPLE, for a 2 year commitment

A) President - to run approximately 8 meetings over the year.

B) Secretary - to take minutes and send reports via email with hard copies at next meeting for those not on the net.

C) Treasurer - to deposit all monies and write cheques as directed by the committee. Only one account. Very simple,

A bank of the host club's choosing, with all 3 above with signing authority. Need 2 of 3 signatures on all cheques. Bank of Montreal is suggested, as they have no charge banking for non profit organizations.

Do not use the "Lions" name on bank account, but use "BAIT 2004/2005" as an example.

The B.A.I.T. account must be separate and can not be combined with any other account, as balance and signing authorities are transferred every other year.

All committees are already in place and return from year to year. A list of such committees is available for 2009 / 2010

This comes with NO FINANCIAL commitment to your club, as it is supported by the anglers and the Lions family of our District Lions, Leo's, Lioness and Lionnette clubs

There is a GIC to cover 1 year's operational expenses as a safe guard.

Most meetings are held in Arnprior as it is a central location.

If your club is interested in hosting B.A.I.T., please contact any member of our committee.

Thank you

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