Gloucester North Magical Village

Dear Lion members and friends,

The Gloucester North Lions Club is proud to present its annual Magical Village beginning Saturday, November 26th, 2016 and running till December 24th. Made up of miniature houses, businesses, trains and streets, the Village has captured the imagination of both young and old since it was first created in 1998 by Claudette Cain, former Mayor of the City of Gloucester.

This year, the Magical Village returns to Place d’Orléans Mall once again and is located on the second floor beside the Food Court. Net proceeds will be donated to the following;
1. Gloucester Emergency Food Cupboard
2. Orleans Cumberland Resource Center Food Bank
3. Other Club Charities
It takes members of the Gloucester North Lions Club anywhere between two to three weeks to set up the Magical Village with all its miniature houses, people, train tracks, etc. If you are interested in helping to set up the Magical Village, please feel free to email me!

Putting the Village together during most of the month of November:
· Moving the materials from storage to the Mall and unpacking the material,
· Helping to set up the miniature houses, the fluffy snow and the hundreds of tiny people,
· Usually takes 2 to 5 hours and does require some heavy lifting,
· This will start at approximately 8:30 a.m., on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 near the Food Court at the Place Orleans Mall.

Saturday, November 26th to Saturday, December 24th

· The Village will be open at various hours, however will be closed all day every Monday and Tuesday, with the exception for the week of Christmas where the Village will be open all day,
· Each shift is 3 hours and will have two adults and one or two students,
· There will be a binder at the Magical Village with more information about volunteer responsibilities,

· What will be your duties;
o Greeting visitors (wishing them Merry Christmas, being cordial, etc.),
o Answering questions (a set of frequently asked questions will be provided),
o Encouraging donations and monitoring the display and donation boxes

Friday, December 26th and/ or Saturday, December 27th
· Taking down the display and plenty of packing. Usually takes a day, perhaps 2.
· Moving the materials from the Mall to storage. Again, some lifting will be required.
For those who volunteer, we can assure you of a fabulous experience!! This is an excellent way for Lions to show the community how we live by our motto – We Serve.

NOTE: We all use different versions of Microsoft Word, and because of that if we all edit the attached schedule, chances are there may be missing information. Therefore, I ask that you open the attached schedule to see which time slots are open, and to simply indicate the dates / times in the body of your email rather than filling in the attached schedule.
If you or your members are interested in volunteering, please contact me by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or telephone: 613-862-8679

Lion Angèle
Angèle Charlebois
... et Candy :)

You're probably asking yourself who is "Candy"? No... not my stage name or my alter ego!! Candy is my hearing ear dog guide from the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides. She alerts me to sounds I no longer hear, and she is my 24/7 best friend.

Please respond to Lion Angele with any inquiries.

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