District A4 Club Bulletin Contest

District A4 Club Bulletin Contest

Every Club should endeavour to publish a Bulletin. It is not only a valuable medium to keep members informed on Lions activities but it is also an excellent tool to promote good fellowship and to help create a lighthearted atmosphere at club meetings.

Putting out a newsletter is not as difficult as it first appears, however, it does require a bit of planning. A successful bulletin is neat and legible, and it contains a good balance of local, District and International Lions activities along with personal news of members and a bit of humour. It is also attractive, interesting and informative.

An editor can publish a good bulletin without the aid of elaborate graphics or pictures, but if you choose to include them in your bulletin, make sure the photographs are properly scanned. Poor reproductions can often have negative results.

The Format of an Effective Bulletin should include:
– Complete Club, Zone, Region and District names
– Name, address, phone number and email address of the President, Secretary and Bulletin Editor, Zone and Region Chair, Vice-Governor and Governor
– Place and time of meetings
– The club roster

The Bulletin’s Body should include:

1. Program -Time, Date and Place,
2. Report on Previous meetings – a brief summary of the general and board meetings,
3. Report of local club activities and action of the Board of Directors -Brief summary on the status of projects and relevant special events,
4. Coming events at Club, Region, District and International levels -Charter nights, Special projects, Social events, etc.,
5. General information as it concerns your District and Lions International – Sightfirst, Diabetes Awareness, Lions Quest, Effective Speaking, etc. (material can often be obtained from district chairpersons),
6. Personal news of members -Birthdays, anniversaries, births, deaths, etc.,
7. Constructive editorials, and
8. Humour, games, puzzles and/or other tidbits to make your bulletin interesting – Humour can be the leavening agent in your Bulletin but humour in poor taste is never acceptable. Spouses and children of members are sometimes the first ones to read your Club bulletin.

Send a copy of your bulletin to the District A4 Bulletin Contest Chair.
Lion Sandra Baldwin at moc.s1531904531regor1531904531@niwd1531904531labls1531904531