Communication Protocol and Telephone Tree

  1. These telephone and email procedures are enacted immediately to ensure support for the Lions Family in case of death or any other occurrence requiring support by interested parties.

  1. The Club President or Secretary contacts the Cabinet Secretary or 1st Vice District Governor who will in turn contact the District Governor.

  1. 3.The Cabinet Secretary or Vice District Governor initiates the telephone tree with telephone or email contact.

Any Lion telephones home club President OR Club Secretary

The Club President or Secretary notifies

Cabinet Secretary
Joyce Firlotte


1st Vice District Governor

Shelley Gauthier


Region 13 Region 22 Region 30 Region 41
Hal MacPherson Jim Homer Beth Lewis Jean Lauziѐre
613-835-3502 613-757-3639 613-838-5007 613-445-3568

Telephones ↓




Zone 13 North Zone 22 East Zone 30 South Zone 41 North
Andre Cote Dave Campbell Derryl Wood Roxanne Backes
819-827-3004 613-623-8620 613-382-5256 613-448-1825
Zone 13 South Zone 22 West Zone 30 West Zone 41 South
Ray Ball Claire Martin Gail Osborne Mark McMillan



613-258-1884 613-448-1825

The Cabinet Secretary emails all clubs, Cabinet members and PDGs

The Zone Chairpersons may telephone their respective Clubs and PDGs

  1. Zone Chaipersons should prepare a list for reference of telephone numbers of all clubs and PDG’s within their respective zones.

  1. Information should be communicated quickly and accurately upon receipt; referring to the email sent by the Cabinet Secretary or Vice District Governor. Club Presidents or Secretaries will initiate their own club notification procedure by email or telephone.

  1. Communicators should not rely solely on email. In the event a link in the telephone tree cannot be reached, the communicator must go to the next level (i.e., if a Region Chair cannot reach a Zone Chair, then the Region Chair should telephone the appropriate clubs and PDGs directly).

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