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District A4 Memorial Forest

Fellow Lions,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that our District has finalized a location for our District A4 Memorial Forest. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed this summer with the Innovative Community Support Services otherwise known as ICSS. A committee was formed to manage the Memorial Forest with the District being represented by PDG’s Andy Etherington, Al Page, John Chilvers and Linda James. ICSS is represented by Jaynee Champagne, Executive Director and Rebecca Chamberlain, Manager of the Adult Community Participation. PDG Andy Etherington and Rebecca Chamberlain will be the Co-chairs of the Memorial Forest Committee.

Innovative Community Support Services (ICSS) is a non-profit charitable organization that is committed to creating and providing families & individuals with innovative, high quality and cost effective community based programs and services that promote a strong sense of well being while making a positive contribution to our culturally diversified community in Eastern Ontario. ICSS is a registered charity (#87814 2413 RR0001) and was incorporated in June 2001; ICSS is a transfer payment agency through the Ministry of Community and Social Services. They operate eleven group homes and community programs for individuals with a developmental disability including their Sow & Grow Farm located at 9478 Russell Road, Navan, Ontario. Approximately five (5) acres of the farm has been designated for the District A4 Lions Memorial Forest and additional land is available if needed.

We are very pleased to also announce that Dr. Roman Popadiouk from Friends of the Experimental Farm has agreed to assist on with the Memorial Forest. Dr. Popadiouk has several degrees in Forestry and has worked for the Ontario Government on many of their projects as well as projects at the Experimental Farm. He has given us some great advice and has also offered to assist us in the placements of trees in the Memorial Forest.

Lion Clubs or Members and ICSS Clients or Member will be able to purchase a tree which will be planted in the Memorial Forest. Requests from Lions and ICSS supporters will also be accepted. The cost for a tree will be $175.00 which will cover the cost of the tree, plague and maintenance of the grounds. The forest will be divided into two sections. One area will consist of fruit trees which will include apples, pears, apricot and cherries.

It is hoped that in the future the clients of ICSS will be able to harvest the fruits from the trees as part of the daily visit to the farm. The other sections will be ornamental trees such as White Pine, European Spruce, Ginkgo, White Willow, Silver Maple, Black Walnut, European Larch to name a few. You will be able to choose between a fruit tree or an ornamental tree. We are planning our first Memorial for June 2016.

We are developing our Pamphlet and Registration Form to order a tree. As Lions do not have a charitable tax number the purchase of trees will be done through ICSS. Each tree purchaser will receive an income tax receipt from ICSS for the full amount. The Memorial Forest Committee will review and approve all applications. All Clubs, Lions, Lioness, Lionettes and Leos within District A4 as well as ICSS Members, Clients and Supporters are encouraged to consider a tree at the Lions Memorial Forest. More information on the District A4 Memorial Forest will be made available in the next few months.

District A4 Memorial Forest Announcement (PDF)

A4 Lions Memorial Forest Application (PDF) 

A4 Lions Memorial Forest Brochure (PDF) 

A4 Lions Memorial Forest Tree Selection (PDF)

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Lake Joe WishList

District A4 Lion Clubs:  I have been asked by Lion Chris MacPherson to forward this email regarding a 'wish list' for Lake Joe.  This is a camp supported by the Lions Clubs in MDA.  From their web site:

Lake Joseph CentreCNIB's Lake Joseph Centre (commonly known as "Lake Joe") is a fully accessible lakefront facility located in the Muskoka region, providing a unique blend of recreation and vision rehabilitation in a safe, inclusive environment. Two hours north of Toronto, Lake Joe stretches over 12.5 acres of waterfront property on the northwest corner of beautiful Lake Joseph. There, a wide range of programs are available to people of all ages who are living with sight loss.

To change what it is to be blind today, join the Lake Joe Vision Team to sponsor a camper and ensure more people have an opportunity to experience the magic of Lake Joe.

I am PDG Lion Bill MacKenzie and I am the MDA Sight Chair.  I would like to ask you to please review the Wish List and distribute to all the  Lions Clubs of your District.  There are many articles that are needed to keep the camp running and clubs can see for themselves some of the articles they can purchase or donate to.  MDA has always supported this great camp and I am sure the clubs in your District would like to keep doing so.  I would also like for you as sight chair to follow up with the clubs of any questions or concerns they may have and send me a brief report about 2 weeks before the Council meetings so I can give my report to Council.  Thank you for taking on this worthwhile position and I look forward to be able to work with all of you.

MDA Sight Chair

PDG Lion Bill

Lake Joe Wish List 2017 1Lake Joe Wish List 2017 1
Lake Joe Wish List 2017 3 Lake Joe Wish List 2017 2
Lake Joe Wish List 2017 3 Lake Joe Wish List 2017 4
Lake Joe Wish List 2017 5 Lake Joe Wish List 2017 6
Lake Joe Wish List 2017 7 Lake Joe Wish List 2017 8
Lake Joe Wish List 2017 9 Lake Joe Wish List 2017 10

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Lions - Ride For Dad Partnership

Lions Club Presidents and Secretaries,

I am very pleased to be sending you this notification, and very excited!

Lions - Ride For Dad Partnership Letter
Lions - Ride For Dad - Complete Proposal

As it says in the attached letter recently I presented a proposal at the Multiple District ‘A’ Council meeting that was endorsed unanimously to support the partnership between the Ride For Dad and the Lions Multiple District ‘A’ clubs.  I then attended the District A4 meeting to talk about the proposal as well.  That group unanimously passed a motion to take part. 

The next step is yours to finish.

The Ride For Dad fiscal year runs from July 31st, 2016 to August 1st, 2017.  We have already included the Lions logo on all Ontario & Quebec posters and pledge forms we are preparing as a ‘Supported by’ logo.  Should this go well we will likely move the logo up to a ‘Title Sponsor’ position.

For this reason, we have asked that your contributions be sent to me on or before December 31st

Let’s work together for an important cause of Prostate Cancer Research & Awareness and work toward increasing your membership, event participation and more!

Remember we are only asking for a contribution equivalent to $5 per member and we will be providing various ways to promote membership in Lions to a whole new group of people.

Thank you.

Colleen Campbell
Manager National Office Ride For Dad (RFD) / Prostate Cancer Fight Foundation (PCFF)
Office: (613) 623-0733
Cell: (613) 371-3575
Fax: (613) 623-0453

Make a donation and help fight prostate cancer!
Fundraisers are the catalysts of change.  Unknown

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